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Hangzhou Ceban Technology Co., Ltd. offers love

  Hangzhou Ceban Technology Co., Ltd. offers love

  Hangzhou Chengbang Technology Co., Ltd. has a marketing center, product center, supply chain center, information center and other departments, with more than 100 employees. As of August 2020, the company owns multiple brand sales rights (including independent brands that are incubating), and is moving towards the goal of large Internet companies.

  Over the years, in order to support the development of public welfare undertakings, the Ceban has organized a "Love Donation" event every year. It has donated more than 30,000 pairs of shoes to poor left-behind children in remote mountainous areas of Yunnan, sending happiness and happiness to the children of this special group. warm. In the future, the company will continue to support and help children in poor mountainous areas. Give maximum support to social welfare undertakings, pass love and pass positive energy!

  Based on the vast domestic e-commerce market, the Ceban has developed rapidly, thanks to the unremitting persistence and unity and cooperation of the young team. Its original store operation and management model, while opening up foreign markets, has realized the relative unification of "responsibility, power, and profit" in the smallest business unit, and carried out data tracking throughout the design, production, sales, inventory and other links to achieve Refined operation for each product.

  Hangzhou Chengbang Technology Co., Ltd.'s rich product series, free matching and contrasting, fashionable color use, let female friends fully enjoy the fun of fashion, vitality, relaxed and confident dressing on different occasions.