CeBan Brazil Online Exhibition

  The Brazilian online exhibition was held on September 15. In order to better serve the exhibitors of the exhibition, at the same time, to win more high-quality buyer resources for exhibitors, and to help exhibitors obtain more promotion opportunities. Well-known overseas companies have joined forces to jointly create a Brazil online exhibition promotion zone directly facing the overseas buyer market, and help Brazilian international footwear exhibition exhibitors to "win" the global market. The exhibition meets international standards and includes about 200 booths for footwear, leather products and travel goods.

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  Ceban is honored to be invited to participate in this Brazilian online exhibition, showing a variety of new and fashionable shoes, including BOOT, Flats pumps, lace up, Sandals, Mules, slippers, Sneaker, Heels wedges, wedges, Stock, etc. ; Attracted the eyes of many customers, and many customers negotiated with us at the same time.

  This online exhibition in Brazil is dedicated to creating high-quality group brands for companies and manufacturers outside of Brazil, and through global exhibitions, networks, buyer matching and other marketing methods, helping overseas companies to promote brands internationally and seize business opportunities. It has accumulated dozens of Ten thousand buyer resources. This exhibition is believed to be able to give full play to the advantages of the exhibition and create a better trading platform for Brazilian and foreign companies and professional buyers.