The origin of ballet shoes

The origin of ballet shoes

  The origin of ballet shoes

  Girls who can wear their looks and taste well will prepare a pair of "ballet shoes" in the shoe cabinet. Owning a pair of "ballet shoes" should be something that every girl dreamed of when she was a child. Ballet originated in Italy during the Renaissance. It was a dance style that came out of the European royal family. It was brought into France by Henry II’s wife from Italy. She liked the art of ballet very much, and even wanted to use ballet shoes as her wedding shoes for her wedding. 

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  Because of the love of Henry II’s wife, in the following hundreds of years, ballet and ballet shoes were also promoted to civilians by Hollywood film and costume designers. Since then, ballet shoes have become popular all over the world and become a model of elegance in the fashion industry. Looking at the styles of many celebrity bloggers, they have "ballet shoes" on their bodies.

  Speaking of this, I have to mention the "sexy little wild cat" Brigitte Bardot. In 1956, she wore a pair of ballet flats and danced a mambo in the movie "God Creates a Woman". In the play, she was cute and cute. Sexy, naughty and graceful dancing made this pair of shoes become famous in one fell swoop.

  Audrey Hepburn also loves ballet shoes. She has been learning ballet since she was 10 years old. She is a loyal fan of Barre shoes. When she played "Princess Anne" in "A Day in Rome", she wore a white shirt + A word The image of skirt + strappy ballet flats once captured the hearts of countless people.

  Now, ballet shoes are not only the standard equipment of ballet shoes, but also the daily essential shoes for girls with temperament. Throw away the righteous white shoes and wear a pair of comfortable flat-soled ballet shoes. The light and happy pace is also very compatible with the lively atmosphere of autumn.

  Jeans are a must-have item in every girl's wardrobe, and the refreshing colors can always achieve a stylish style inadvertently. The red pointed ballet shoes contrast with the red suspenders of the top, adding an infinite French femininity to the unruly jeans.

  The suspenders are no longer suitable for autumn. The most popular shirt in autumn fits this season. The small square collar generously shows the girl's slender clavicle, lantern sleeves and lotus leaf, revealing the sweetness of the girl.

  Wearing a pair of cropped jeans underneath, the western-style holes alleviated the dullness of long dress and trousers. Wearing a unique bag and stepping on a pair of ballet shoes, the intellectual temperament of the Korean lady is oncoming.

  Some sisters may feel that red ballet shoes are not daily enough, and they are worried that they will not wear clothes well, so they can try the white which is no good. White is best to wear with clothes, but remember not to choose color saturation and too dark color system, it is easy to give people a top-heavy feeling.

  For example, the combination of the pink French jacket and jeans above fits this romantic autumn very well. The big round neck with one shoulder is intellectual and soft, and the pleated bubble skirt and pearl buckle highlight the little sweetness of the girl.

  Pair your lower body with a pair of nine-point jeans and choose a pair of ballet shoes with a bow. The thin waist and beautiful legs look like the heroine Mary Su in the idol drama.

  This kind of ballet shoes that can accompany you from 6 to 60 years old, not only has the lightness and comfort of small white shoes, but also can be as elegant and feminine as high heels. Have you been moved by it? Please contact us as soon as you like ladies and friends, Ceban will customize your ballet shoes for you.