How to choose ballet shoes

How to choose ballet shoes

  I wear small white shoes every year. If you are tired of wearing them, I don’t know how to change to a pair of ballet shoes this spring and summer. Who doesn’t love it because it is exquisite, fashionable and elegant? Do you still remember the style of Reba? Super fairies, smart and cute, Reba wearing ballet shoes looks very light, elegant and charming, I don’t know if everyone is moved, anyway, I am very moved.

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  The comfort of wearing ballet shoes is also very high, and the matching is also very high. Therefore, ballet shoes can be worn not only by girls who dance ballet, but also in our daily life, and now the styles and colors of ballet shoes are very rich. So today CeBan will share with you how to choose ballet shoes?

  Before I teach you how to choose ballet shoes, let me introduce why ballet shoes are so popular.

  The origin of ballet shoes: The origin of ballet shoes must be accompanied by ballet. Ballet shoes will only appear because of ballet. So let's first understand the origin of ballet. Ballet originally originated in Italy during the Renaissance. It belongs to the time. A kind of dance of the nobles, so ballet will give people a very noble and elegant feeling. Because of the appearance of ballet, ballet shoes appear.

  In fact, as early as many years ago, our fashionable spirit Audrey Hepburn once wore ballet shoes in "Roman Holiday". It is precisely because she put the ballet shoes on the big screen that more women know about it. , Loved by women.

  So how to choose ballet shoes?

  1. Look at the styles of ballet shoes: Compared with the styles of the most traditional stage ballet shoes, the styles of ballet shoes that can be worn in daily life are very diverse, including strap-style ballet shoes and round-toe style ballet shoes. Shoes, ballet shoes with pointed-toe styles, elastic cuffs, buckle styles, etc. How should we choose these different styles? The easiest way is to choose according to the shape of our feet. Different foot types have different requirements for shoes.

  (1) Classic round-toe ballet shoes: Compared with other styles, this style of ballet shoes is more inclusive, not particularly picky, and it is also very light and convenient to wear. This classic style is round The design of the head is very cute, a feeling of age reduction, and it is also a very versatile style, which is recommended.

  (2) Strap-style ballet shoes: Strap-style ballet shoes are more suitable for girls with thinner calves. Because of the design of straps, girls with thicker calves will look very fat and unsightly. On the contrary Girls with thin calves can dress their legs well to look elegant and individual. So everyone must choose this style of ballet shoes according to their actual situation.

  (3) Pointed-toed ballet shoes: Pointed-toed ballet shoes are not very suitable for sisters with wider feet. Because of the pointed design on the front, if the feet are too wide, they will be very stubborn or even rubbed. Therefore, you must choose this kind of pointed ballet shoes carefully.

  (4) One-button style ballet shoes: One-button style ballet shoes is also a recommended style. This style is very age-reducing, fashionable and well-behaved, and it is not particularly picky in comparison. It is also a very young girl fashion.

  (5) Ballet shoes with elastic shoe mouth: This style is not so comfortable compared to other styles, because the elastic design will have higher requirements for the shape of the foot, if the instep is too high or the instep is too fleshy For girls, elastic ballet shoes are very inappropriate, so this one is not particularly recommended.

  2. Look at the material of ballet shoes: The most common material of ballet shoes on the market is divided into two types, one is patent leather and the other is suede. These two different materials have different benefits. Patent leather ballet shoes are easier to clean and clean, but the air permeability is not as good as suede. Suede ballet shoes will be more temperamental, but the suede is not so easy to clean, and it is easier to stain dust.

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