Ballet shoes in the fashion circle

Ballet shoes in the fashion circle

  Ballet shoes in the fashion circle

  What kind of clothes to wear with what kind of shoes, this has always been the dressing rule. Shoes are in a subordinate position in the wear and match, but such a pair of shoes appeared in 2020, breaking the traditional dressing concept, giving the shoes that are in the candidate status have the initiative, not only that, but it can also contract a complete wardrobe The all-match single product is the origin of the ballet shoes I will introduce to you today.

The origin of ballet shoes,ballet shoes

  "Ballet Shoes" released at the end of 2007, let us relive our childhood dreams as the New Year approaches. There are endless memorable stories after waking up many times. The simple and elegant old house, the home as beautiful as an oil painting, lives in three young and energetic girls, each with a dream.

  The youngest girl dreams of becoming a ballerina (ballerina), just like our girls’ dreams when they were young. Ballet shoes are a symbol of dreams. In the movie, we see many possibilities of life, but only if you have a dream in your heart will you have hope. The power from the heart will take you further.

  Having nothing to do, I revisited "Once Upon a Time in America", the girl who danced ballet in the flour warehouse, beautifully in the hazy of flour, how many girl dreams she lived, and how many boys' first loves.

  Ballet shoes in the fashion circle

  Ballet shoes, as the name suggests, come from ballet and are exclusive shoes for this special dance. I have to mention one person here, that is Audrey Hepburn, she loves ballet, ballet shoes are her life's favorite shoes, and wear them out of the popular trend of an era.

  With the resurgence of ballet shoes, in 2016 MiuMiu Spring/Summer Fashion Week, a pair of gorgeous lace-up ballet shoes "captured" the show.

  With a beautiful face, flaming red lips, a fur cape slanted down, and stepping on gorgeous strappy high-heeled ballet shoes, her hairy "tail" swayed around her waist, like a manor lady who went out to welcome guests.

  When the fine pattern of coarse cloth is paired with a thin gauze skirt jacket, the "maid" in the manor also welcomes the guests with banded ballet shoes of different styles like the hostess. The elegant veil and lace fluttering , Let the retro taste more and more intense.

  In the 2019 Christian Dior 2019 Spring/Summer Fashion Week, the tulle and tie-dye designs are matched with feathers, bead embroidery, floral prints, and the cut and draped tailoring make each piece look so soft and special. The models' feet Stepping on the ballet shoes and walking on the petals all over the floor, it is just right.

  Stars' ballet shoes

  The designer’s imagination is like wings, bringing the dream of that little girl to the real world, bringing the ballet shoes on the stage into ordinary life, and the elegance and nobility in your heart is coming quietly By your side. The celebrities in the fashion industry have long been unable to restrain their inner throbbing and have begun their dream journey.

  Yang Mi's straps are of different colors, and the asymmetrical beauty is even more eye-catching. I chose a sweater of the same color to match the shoes, which is playful and cool.

  Tang Yan and Yang Mi have the same ballet shoes, but they chose pink. A royal blue sweater with a black short skirt, a baseball cap for the lazy long hair, the neutral wind on the feet is instantly melted by the pink on the feet, the little woman who can’t hide, she doesn’t grow up. Girly heart.

  Nazha's white dress and red shoes contrast boldly, making her look whiter and more fairy. White innocence and red enthusiasm are intertwined, and the beauty is shining and beautiful.

  Carly Klaus is an American fashion designer and Victoria's Secret signing angel. A black and white outfit goes to the street, white ballet shoes and a white T-shirt echo each other, with a white bag in his hand, clean and refreshing.