China Ballet flat manufacturer

China Ballet flat manufacturer

  China Ballet flat manufacturer The classic of ballet shoes is that it can be worn elegantly with a dress, playful with a short skirt, and neutral beauty with jeans. Various collocations have their own taste. Ballet shoes can have no straps or straps. Let's take a look at the classification of ballet shoes.

  Ballet shoes can be divided into two categories according to the straps: ballet shoes without straps/rubber bands and strap ballet shoes.

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  1. Ballet shoes without straps/rubber bands

  There are no straps or rubber band ballet shoes, most of them are flat shoes. The cowhide design is comfortable on the feet and does not pick up the feet. The high and low insteps are harmless. As long as the feet can be worn in the shoes, it is OK. As for the choice of pointed or square Head, you can do whatever you like.

  2.Lace-up ballet shoes

  Lace-up ballet shoes are more picky than the style without straps, but the styles are also richer. As long as you choose the one that suits you, the strap design can still show the leg lines well and give people the sense of sight of elegant long legs. Just avoid a few misunderstandings when choosing.

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  a. If you have fat feet and wide feet, try to choose strappy ballet shoes with pointed or square toes. The pointed-toe shoe shape can well modify the foot shape and give people a slender feeling. The square toe is more suitable for the beauty of the width of the foot. The straps are better on the instep, and the color is better to choose black, which is thin.

  b. If the ankle is thick and beautiful, just choose the ballet shoes with straps wrapped around the ankle. The thin straps and the tightening visual effect will cover this defect. As for the color, black is still the first choice, after all, it is versatile and slim.

  c. For the beauty of thick and short legs, pay attention to the waistline ratio when choosing bottoms. For example, wearing a high-waisted skirt will expose more legs and show longer legs. The straps should not be higher than the ankles, because the straps are still easy to show short legs and thick legs visually. The straps that wrap around the calf are only suitable for models and pencil legs. Cropped trousers are also a good choice, because only a little ankle is exposed, you can have a beautiful proportion.

  d. With thick legs and fat ankles, long skirts and tie dance shoes are perfect. The length of the skirt must cover the calf. If it is stuck in the calf, it looks like a "short leg". Choose ballet shoes with thin ankle straps, which are fashionable for age reduction, and the visual effect is more refreshing and simple. So don't worry too much, there is always a ballet shoe suitable for you.

  The above introduction is the "classification of ballet shoes". CeBan Shoes Factory is a professional manufacturer of shoes. Its products are exported to foreign countries. Welcome new and old customers to call to discuss business cooperation. We will give you the greatest benefits to achieve a win-win goal.