How to wear ballet shoes

How to wear ballet shoes

  There are many ways to wear ballet shoes. If they are matched with other clothes and pants, they look more attractive, especially for tall women. Now, let’s talk about how to wear ballet shoes from China Ballet Shoes Manufacturer.

How to wear ballet shoes,ballet shoes

  1. White shirt + jeans + ballet shoes

  Take out the simplest white shirt in the closet, pair it with a pair of denim pants, and step on a pair of black flat ballet shoes to go out. Comfortable flat shoes, simple style of dressing, look spirited and generous, shoes The faintly visible pearl embellishment and hollow design on the surface enhance your clothes and have a sense of luxury.

  Recommendations for the crowd: Ladies attending informal occasions, such as going to work or going out for leisure, can dress in this way. There is no age limit, but the effect of dressing is very different.

  2. Baseball shirt + casual pants + ballet shoes

  A white t-shirt with casual pants, you can add a baseball jacket if it’s a bit cold, the laces on your feet replace the straps of the ballet shoes, the pearls on the belt are exquisite and not exaggerated, and they are retro and retro, which is the best s Choice. Suggestions for the crowd: women over 35 years old dress up when shopping, meeting friends, and dinners.

  3. Skirt/suit + ballet shoes

  For office workers, a pair of ballet shoes can also improve clothing. A black dress is most suitable with a pair of black mid-heel pointed toe ballet shoes. However, the thin straps on the instep all the way to the ankles. The fit design brings out the sexy of the instep. Even if you have a pair of big feet, you can wear it like this. It looks delicate.

  The flat-bottomed strappy ballet shoes, matched with a long suit skirt, are also very colorful. The pink upper and black straps are serious and cute. The OL girl's heart is full. With such a pair of seductive shoes, even if they walk behind the strong woman, they will not be ignored.

  Recommendations suitable for the crowd: OLs in the workplace, when they enter the workplace at the age of 20, they can choose a playful pink. With the increase of age, the career advancement gradually transitions to a darker style that is simpler and has a tougher line.

  4. White yarn skirt + ballet shoes

  The white veil is the best partner of ballet shoes, and it is also the first favorite look. The longer it is, the more classic it is. There are many styles of white gauze skirts, which can be puff skirts or wedding dresses, all of which are pure and beautiful. The pink ballet shoes and white veil are more cute than a little girl, and the black one is more resistant to dirt, but it will look more serious and solemn.

  Recommendations for the crowd: Girls under 25 can dress up on weekdays, except for weddings, as long as they like to dress like this for any age.

  5. Windbreaker/skirt suit + strappy ballet shoes

  The long windbreaker or skirt in the spring and autumn is equipped with a pair of retro coffee-colored lace-up ballet shoes, and the ball head is tied up. It looks clean and capable, not at all muddy, beautiful and retro and elegant, just like walking out of the painting .

  The suede upper is softer and fuller in color, while the patent leather fabric is more eye-catching, which can be matched according to mood and weather. Recommended for the crowd: ladies under 40, tall and thin legs, office and leisure are all right.

  A woman’s mind can be seen from a pair of shoes. Every woman wants to have the elegant temperament of a ballet girl, charming leg curves, ballet shoes can be said to achieve all your dreams, a bit classical and a bit fashionable. Let the shoes that were originally in the supporting role contract the single product of your entire wardrobe, create a delicate woman, and walk out of a bolder and more confident you.

  The above is the "wearing of ballet shoes". If you have any other questions, you can contact CeBan Shoes Factory online to answer your questions. Thank you.