What to do if the Single shoes don’t fit

  What kind of shoes are single shoes? Single shoes, also called four-season shoes, are single-layer leather or single-layer cloth shoes. They usually refer to lighter shoes. There are many types, such as casual shoes, sports shoes, fashion shoes, including some current boots All belong to the category of single shoes. Single shoes are not thick shoes, and the fabric is relatively thin compared to some shoes, so it is a good match with clothing, and will not look big like those too thick shoes. Single shoes can be worn in all seasons, and there are many styles. What should I do if the single shoes do not fit? Now let Single Shoes Supplier introduce to you, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

What to do if the Single shoes don’t fit

  What should I do if my single shoes don't fit?

  1. Pad the heel pad. Many stores now sell heel pads that are suitable for shoe grinding or shoe size. Wearing it to prevent heel grinding can also make shoes smaller. If it is not much larger, you can try the heel pad, so that it will not fall off and will not affect the appearance.

  2. Plug toilet paper. When there is an urgent need for a single shoe and no other measures are needed, it is a good way to stuff toilet paper inside, but pay attention to filling the shoe space. It is best to stuff toilet paper according to your foot shape, but it will make your feet more or less uncomfortable. It would be better if there were softer things like cotton or sponge.

  3. Padded insoles. Presumably when I was young, my parents deliberately bought large shoes because their feet grew faster, and then the memory of double insoles is very deep. Although this method of insoles is old, it is very practical to buy large shoes. The number of insoles can be adjusted according to your own situation.

  What I’ve introduced above is "what to do if a single shoe doesn’t fit". If you still can’t solve it, you can contact CeBan Shoes Factory to solve it for you. CeBan Shoes Factory is a professional manufacturer of single shoes. Its products are exported to Europe and the United States. Countries and regions with long-term cooperation customers, welcome more new and old customers to call to discuss business cooperation, thank you.