How to design ballet shoes

  How to design ballet shoes? What should be paid attention to in design?

  In fact, when talking about ballet shoes, because they have their own particularities, the important thing is the design. If the design does not meet the requirements, the quality of the entire shoe will naturally decrease, then it is in the design What should I pay attention to? The first is to achieve the corresponding optimization in the overall appearance. It should be noted that, in addition to being used on professional dance courts, some of the current shoes are worn as normal shoes, or they are designed as a style.

  In this way, its appearance needs to be optimized. In addition to making it meet the functional requirements on the dance floor, it also needs to meet the requirements of life. If you want to make ballet shoes satisfy your life, the comfort needs to be improved accordingly. Even for professional shoes, you also need to pay attention to their comfort. You can't feel the pain after standing up your toes, which also requires Let it be better optimized in the design, and only if it is done in all aspects, will it be of better quality.

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