How to match single shoes with clothing

How to match single shoes with clothing

  How to match single shoes with clothing? What are the matching methods?

  Many people are more particular about dressing, but ignore the uniformity and coordination of the color matching of single shoes and clothing. In this way, the overall beauty will be lost to a certain extent. Generally speaking, the color of shoes is much less than the color of clothing, so we must pay attention to matching single shoes.


How to match single shoes with clothing


  (1) Choose neutral shoes

  Elegant, subtle and solemn attire, it is basically recommended that you choose black, white, gray and brown neutral colors.

  (2) Dark blue shoes

  Dark blue shoes should choose clothing colors that match the shades of blue, green and purple. In this way, the whole shoes will look very good.

  (3) Avoid colors that are too close to the formal dress

  When matching single shoes and clothing, the contrast between shoes is relatively large. The color of the shoes must be remembered, not to be too close to the color below, to avoid a feeling of disconnection from the top and bottom, and the color of the shoes should be as much as possible The color is close to the color of the clothing above, so that the color tone can be maintained to the greatest extent. To achieve the purpose of harmony and unity.

  (4) Color dark and light collocation

  When matching a single shoe with clothing, the color of the shoes can be darker. If the color of the clothing itself is relatively light, it is basically better in the matching process. If the color of the clothing is relatively dark, it is best to choose lighter shoes.

  How to match single shoes? You can learn all the above collocation methods.

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