Ballet shoes measurement standard

Ballet shoes measurement standard

  In what ways do you measure ballet shoes? What are the measurement standards?

  Ballet shoes have become the focus of attention of many people in life. In fact, when most people measure ballet shoes, they will also consider a variety of different measurement standards. When choosing this kind of shoes, what indicators should be paid attention to?


Ballet shoes measurement standard


  Index 1: Toe

  In the process of actual use of ballet shoes, because the shoes themselves are thin and long, it is said that some people's feet are wide, and some people's feet may be particularly wide at the pubic bone, so when choosing these shoes , Be sure to choose the shoes that suit you according to the model of your feet. Don't just choose this kind of shoes because the shoes on your feet look better.

  Index 2: Hardness

  When choosing ballet shoes, it is recommended that you do not choose shoes that are too soft, especially the strength of the feet of the students who have just learned ballet is not enough, and shoes that are too soft may have poor support. If the shoes are too hard, it is often difficult to stretch the feet, so the ankles will be burdened. After all, if the instep of the foot is particularly high, it costs a lot of shoes. This is for these people.

  How to measure the indicators in the actual purchase of ballet shoes, through the above introduction, everyone should have an understanding, when measuring these indicators, we must examine in many ways.

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