CeBan professionally design fashion shoes

CeBan professionally design fashion shoes

  CeBan Shoes Factory is a large-scale comprehensive enterprise specializing in the research and development, design, production and sales of Single Shoes, Ballet Shoes, Linen Shoes and other fashion shoes.


CeBan Shoes


  Brand speciality:


  City has its own fashion designers, combined with new international popular elements, targeting the feminine and oriental feet of Chinese women, designing more than 1,000 new versions of women's shoes every year, forming the unique charm of the brand. In terms of product production, the use of fine leather fabrics and exquisite hand-made craftsmanship.


  Product style:


  Fresh, unique, fashionable, elegant


  Company Profile:


  Hangzhou Chengbang Technology Co., Ltd. is a shoe-making enterprise integrating design, production, sales, and franchise chain. Now the company has its own women's shoes brand. Respected by the majority of women. The wholesale business has also been expanding to various cities. The company's services are humanized and are favored by customers. From the decoration of the facade, style selection, and sales training, we vigorously support customers and help them achieve the ultimate goal of "reducing big profits with less investment".


CeBan Shoes


  Our Mission:


  To build a standardized, informatized, diversified and large-scale fashion consumer goods enterprise group together with partners and investors.


  Corporate vision:


  Has become the leader of fashionable consumer goods.


  Corporate values:


  Integrity, unity, altruism, and win-win situation.


  Service purposes:


  Make beautiful shoes with heart丨 Make service with heart.


CeBan Shoes


  Company culture:


  City-state is a company driven by mission and values. A group of energetic colleagues who follow the development of the company and embrace change form a team to stand together: stick to the mission, values, and ideas.


  Cenban mainly deals in various types of men's and women's shoes, providing professional, wear-resistant and breathable high-end shoes for men of all classes. City State takes customer satisfaction as its business philosophy, pays attention to the construction of customer service, product quality, logistics system and other links, and gives customers a good experience of buying satisfaction and comfortable use. Customers are welcome to visit and consult at any time.