Ceban makes shoes with heart

Ceban makes shoes with heart

  Hangzhou Ceban Shoes Co., Ltd. is the first domestic fashion concept women's shoes consumption platform, and the first domestic comprehensive enterprise integrating independent research and development, production and sales. The company shoulders the social responsibility of women's health mission of "taking Chinese women's healthy shoes as their responsibility", and takes "caring for women's healthy life with heart" as the corporate philosophy, and carefully manufactures every pair of shoes. The company's products include: Single shoes, Girls Ballet Shoes, ballet shoes, linen shoes and other well-known domestic women's clothing brands. The company has a beautiful environment.


Ceban Shoes


  The scenery here is pleasant, the air is fresh, the management is humane, and the company is standardized. Hangzhou Ceban Shoes Co., Ltd. is expanding rapidly with young, vigorous steps and full of pride and vigor. We sincerely look forward to energetic, passionate and dreamy you to join our dream team.


  Hangzhou Ceban Technology Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production of children's shoes, women's shoes, travel bags and other products. Since its establishment, it has been in business with many companies.


  The company has always been adhering to the business philosophy of quality work, integrity, customer first, and common development, and sincerely cooperates with people of insight. In the professional field for many years, he has always maintained a strong pioneering spirit and innovative Pentium power. After ups and downs, he has gone through ups and downs, and his character is the same; he has made great achievements, has a rich accumulation and a legendary development. Looking ahead and broadening the future, with more mature market operations and better professional services, we are bringing brand new concepts, models and sustainable values ??to more and more customers and partners.


  Ceban series products insist on making high-quality leather, and combining the exquisite shoemaking technology with European and American fashions. While interpreting fashion, high-end and comfort, it highlights the individuality and uniqueness of the products. Committed to interpreting elegant, comfortable and simple fashion high-end value brand, since its inception, it has always been considerate to women’s fashion aesthetic pursuits, and build a charming and colorful life for women as a foothold. It will lead you to appreciate the new feelings of European and American fashion brands, interpreting simplicity and simplicity. Not a simple fashion concept.