From which perspectives can you find single shoe supplier channels

  From which perspectives can you find single shoe supplier channels?

  Women's shoe processing focuses on originality and innovation, both of which are inevitable factors that reflect the strength of a single shoe supplier. This also requires a strong integrated team of development, design, production, and distribution to collaborate. If you want to be a single shoe supplier, you must have a single shoe supplier that can meet your needs in all aspects. You want to find a single shoe supplier that suits you among the many OEM single shoe suppliers.

From which perspectives can you find single shoe supplier channels

  From which perspectives to find single shoe supplier channels:

  1. Proofing

  Generally speaking, single shoe suppliers have their own sample rooms. The customer only needs to provide the original drawings, and the women's shoes customization can be designed according to the originals, selected materials, and made into trial shoes for customers' reference, and provide some modification opinions of the first version and subsequent adjustment plans, as well as the selection and color matching of the samples Program. The general cycle is 3-5 days to complete the confirmation of the first version.

  2. Try on confirmation

  After the first version of the shoes is confirmed, the customer will then ask the single shoe supplier to provide the correct materials and different sizes of shoes for the models to try on, so as to ensure that there are no problems with the shoes before mass production and the materials. This is also an important try-on confirmation link. The general cycle takes 3-5 days.

  3. Mass production

  After the previous confirmation action, the single shoe supplier will carry out mass customization of raw materials, processing, and shoe molding. Finally, the produced shoes are packaged, transported, and shipped to customers.

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