What is the single shoe customization process

  How to customize a single shoe?

  For single shoe customization, first find suitable services and products, and then communicate slowly. The editor of Ceban below introduces you the process of single shoe customization. I hope it can help you.

What is the single shoe customization process

  A single shoe is a shoe made of a single layer of leather or a single layer of cloth. Simply put, single shoes are not thick shoes, and the fabric is relatively thin compared to some shoes, so they can match the clothes well, and they will not look as big as those too thick shoes.

  1. Measure the feet: including foot length, foot width, forefoot fertility and so on.

  2. Selection of leather: According to different shoe types, different types of leather will be selected. (Including leather thickness, softness, etc.)

  3. With heel: Italian imported cowhide sole, the same rubber as Boeing aircraft tires.

  4. With outsole: Italian imported cowhide sole, embossed according to customer requirements.

  5. Special processing: name, logo, family logo can be imprinted; customized special fasteners, such as crystal fasteners, gold diamond fasteners; designated patterns or printed patterns on shoe uppers; custom-made special metal plates; custom-designed layouts.

  6. Last making: making last according to customer's measurement size. In addition, the female last of the shoes will be made according to the data of the basic code. For sample trial and post interview wear.

  7. Leather processing: processing the leather according to different parts of the shoes.

  8. Cutting material in shoe processing factory: Cut leather material according to different styles.

  9. Shoe upper production: shoe upper sewing machine, stitching processing.

  10. Molding in the shoe processing plant: The semi-finished uppers finished by the sewing machine will be lasted, and the front, middle, and back machines will be used to perform preliminary molding operations on the shoes.

  11. Assembled outsole for shoe processing factory: Laminate the outsole on the preliminarily formed upper.

  12. Freezing: cold-treat the shoes with the outsole to make the shoes and the last fit together better.

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