ballerine fille manufacturer

ballerine fille manufacturer

  ballerine fille manufacturer.Hangzhou Ceban Trading Co., Ltd. Since the establishment of the company, the Ceban brand and the nature of shoes have been released. From being given to the present independent brand with soul and attitude, it can define one's taste and find one's own value. , While forming its own system.

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  Hangzhou Ceban Trading Co., Ltd. is a branded women's wear enterprise integrating R&D, sales and production. Through the continuous analysis of the psychology of female consumers aged 3-60, the sub-brand "Ceban" has formulated a naturalistic brand style and cultural interpretation path, and completed the "free, clear and sensual" natural The interpretation of ideas, and fully integrated into the product design, became a poetic romantic style of "unknown, uncertain, about to happen...".

  Through continuous exploration of the women's clothing market, with profound brand connotation, personalized design, unique service and efficient team, "Ceban" quickly established a chain sales network centered on Europe and the United States and gradually expanded to markets around the world.

  ballerine fille manufacturer.The current distribution of customers, provincial customers: the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, etc.; the company adheres to the "multi-win" cooperation purpose and the core value of "value innovation". At present, the company is determined to manage the system and With the improvement of the marketing system, "Ceban" has been elevated to a new level.