maintenance of single shoes

maintenance of single shoes

  For many people who prefer to wear skirts, in fact, single shoes are the best partner. Single shoes are more elegant than sandals, and there are various styles of single shoes, which are especially convenient to wear. So how to maintain a single shoe? Now let Single Shoes Supplier CeBan Shoes explain to you:


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  There are several ways to maintain a single shoe:


  1. It is best to wear single shoes every other day, and do not wear the same pair of shoes for a long time. Sweat will generate moisture in the shoes after wearing them for a long time, so after going home, you should dry the shoes in a cool and ventilated place to prevent the breeding of bacteria.


  2. When cleaning shoes, do not wash with water or contact with chemical solvents.


  3. If the zipper of a single shoe is not smooth, you can also apply wax evenly on the zipper to improve the effect.


  4. If the white shoes are soiled, use a little transparent shoe cream to wipe off the stains.


  5. If there is denitrification on a single shoe, you can use colour matching shoe paste to fill the colour or lightly wipe the denitrification part with white electric oil to remove the stains.


  6. After the shoe is taken off, use a dry cloth or soft wool to wipe the dust. The position of the gap between the heel and the shoe body of the single shoe is to use a pointed brush to remove dust and put it into the shoe support to prevent the shoe body from deforming. If there is no shoe support, you can put in newspaper instead.


  7. If the shoes get wet, wipe them quickly with a dry cloth, and then place them in a cool and ventilated place to let the shoes dry naturally. Do not put the soaked shoes in the sun, next to the cold air or blow them dry with electric wind, otherwise There will be a burst phenomenon.


  8. Generally, the inner leather of a single shoe is dyed. If the foot temperature and foot sweat are worn when walking, it may be discoloured. At this time, wax can be applied to the inside to make the inside have a protective layer, which can reduce the discolouration. The situation arises.


  9. If the metal decorative buckle on the shoe is oxidized (gold, silver, copper buckle), you can use the finest water scrub paper to gently wipe off the black spots, and then gently wipe it with transparent shoe cream.


  The above is the "maintenance of single shoes" we have introduced for you. If you want to know more about single shoes or want to become an agent of our single shoes, you can contact us, thank you.